Windchill Fundamentals > Working with Windchill Objects > Parts > Superseding Parts Overview > Superseding a Part with an Existing Part
Superseding a Part with an Existing Part
Use the Supersede with Existing action when you want to supersede a part with a part that exists in the Windchill system.
1. Launch the Supersede with Existing action from one of the following locations:
Actions drop-down list on part information pages.
Toolbar icon or right-click menu of the Supersedes table on part information pages.
Affected Objects table of a change task. Select the checkbox next to the part you want to supersede, and then select the Actions menu. If you select multiple parts, they are all superseded with the existing part or parts that you select in the following steps. For more information, see Superseding a Part Through Change Management.
2. The Supersede with Existing window opens. Use the add and remove icons in the Superseded and Superseded By tables to choose the necessary parts
a. When you click add , the Find Part window opens.
b. Enter search criteria in the Context, Number, and Name fields.
c. Click Search or press ENTER. Parts that match the search criteria appear in the search results table.
d. Select the part and click OK.
3. With the necessary parts displaying in Supersede with Existing window, click OK.