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Customer Experience Information Page
The customer experience information page is a collection point for information related to a specific customer experience. Click the view information icon to access the information page of a customer experience. For more information on the Windchill Customer Experience Management workflow process, see The Windchill Customer Experience Management Process.
From the information page, you can perform actions on a customer experience, as well as view the object attributes and any related information. For an overview of information page functionality, see About Information Pages and Customizing Your Information Page Tabs.
The following actions are available from the Actions menu in the upper left corner of the information page.
Reidentify an object with a new name, number, or organization identifier. For more information, see Renaming an Object.
Set State
Manually change the life cycle state of the customer experience. For more information, see Setting the State of an Object.
New CAPA Request
Create a new CAPA request from the customer experience. For more information, see Creating a New CAPA Request from a Nonconformance, Customer Experience, or Existing CAPA.
Edit Access Control
View the current permissions on the customer experience for any user, group, or organization that you can access. If you have the required permissions, you can change the current ad hoc access control permissions that are in place for the object. For more information, see Access Table.
You can view the following tabs on the customer experience information page. You can customize the tabs that appear on each object information page to display the information most useful to you.
Administrators might have modified the tabs that you can view.
Overview information about the customer experience appears, including the current additional event codes specific to this customer experience.
More detailed information and related objects to the Customer Experience Management process appears in a structured view. Select an object in the Customer Experience Object Structure table to see the object’s attributes in the Attributes pane.
Regulatory reports are attached to the decision object on the Structure tab.
To edit items in the Structure tab, see Editing a Customer Experience Object from Any State.
See a visual timeline of the customer experience management process, along with a specific record of each event in the History table of the customer experience.
If you have the required permissions to view the audit trail for the customer experience, click the audit trail journal icon . For more information, see Customer Experience Audit Trail.
If Windchill Business Reporting is installed at your site, click the report icon to view the record in detail.
Related Products
Any products related to the customer experience appear here. Click to view more information about the product as it relates to the customer experience.
Customer Experience Management
Stores related tasks, related personnel and locations, customer experience activities, product activities, and associated objects related to the customer experience.
If you have the required permissions, you can do the following:
Update the Associated Process Objects and Associated Reference Objects tables by clicking the edit details icon .
Update the Related Tasks table by right-clicking an object and selecting an action from the menu.
For more information on initiating customer experience activities, see Customer Experience Activities.
For more information on product activities, see Product Activities.
Any Attachments to the customer experience itself appear here. Attachments can be added here during any workflow state, based on your permissions.
If the customer experience is linked to a CAPA request or a regular change request, then any related changes display here.
This tab only appears in Legacy mode.
Routing/Process History
Provides information about any routes or processes that have been initiated for a customer experience, along with process status and task history.
The team associated to the quality context appears.