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The Windchill Customer Experience Management Process
Windchill Customer Experience Management allows companies to collect, document, track, trend, and report product quality issues (including complaints) that customers can record as customer experiences.
Windchill Customer Experience Management includes the following functionality:
It enables companies to process field input regarding the performance of their products and processes.
It integrates with parts, BOMs, suppliers, documents, and all quality modules in Windchill to provide a single source of information for quality performance.
When used with risk and reliability processes, it allows discrete codification of product performance using failure modes, effects, and risk codes identified in the design process.
It allows quality engineers to enter and access all customer experience records.
It contains ad-hoc reporting and people and places features to assist with analyzing trends and following up with contacts.
Process Flow
All customer experiences follow the same process defined by your organization’s standard operating procedures and policies. The default customer experience process flow provided by Windchill Customer Experience Management includes the following states:
Intake—General information, event details, product information, and personnel and location information are entered.
Evaluation—Information received when the customer experience was created. This information is assessed and next steps are determined.
In Progress—General follow-up, product investigation, general product follow-up, and regulatory reporting activities that result from the evaluation.
Summary and Review—The customer experience and all activities associated with the customer experience undergo a final review.
Roles and Workflow States
As the customer experience moves through the workflow, different roles are preassigned to team members to fulfill workflow states. For more information, see Windchill Customer Experience Management Roles. The customer experience process is managed in the Quality Tasks table. You can see the current state of each customer experience activity, enter additional information, and progress the customer experience activity to the next workflow state from this table. Once you complete a workflow state, all information you enter is available for review in the next workflow state.
A customer experience can be canceled at any time by manually setting the Canceled state from the Set State action on the customer experience information page.
As you complete the customer experience process workflow, a record of previous states is provided on the customer experience information page.
Best Practices
When you are working on a task, in the My Tasks page, right-click the task and select Accept. This action removes the task from the task list of other people in the same role. For more information, see Actions on the My Tasks Table.
To view the workflow state diagram of a customer experience management activity, click the link in the upper right corner of the customer experience information page.