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Creating a Subscription
When you subscribe to an object, folder, or context, you receive email notifications when certain events or actions occur.
For information about supported and unsupported subscription types, see Subscriptions.
1. Perform one of the following actions:
Select Subscribe from the right-click actions menu of an object, folder, or context.
From the Folder Contents table, select the checkbox next to the objects to which you want to subscribe and select Actions > Subscribe.
Navigate to the information page of an object, or select Details from under Products, Projects, Programs, or Libraries.
From the Actions menu, select Subscribe.
Navigate to the Subscriptions table, and click the subscribe icon on the table toolbar.
2. Under the Identify Events step, complete the following fields:
Subscription Name
The name used to identify the subscription in the Subscriptions table.
By default, the name is set to the name of the selected object, but remains editable. If multiple individual objects are selected, then you must enter a unique name. Enter up to 200 characters.
Subscribe to all versions
Select this checkbox to apply the subscription to all current and future versions of the object.
If you are creating a subscription to individual objects, this field identifies the object types.
If you are creating a subscription to a folder or context, click the find icon to open the Find Type window, where you can select additional object types. Selecting one or more types expands the list of events to include those that are applicable to the selected object types. For more information, see Folder and Context Subscriptions.
Select the checkboxes for each event to which you want to subscribe. For more information, see Subscription Events.
Click Next.
3. Under the Select Subscribers step, complete the following fields:
Distinguishes the address line on which the subscriber is listed when receiving email notifications for this subscription. To add a participant:
a. Next to the appropriate field, click Find to open the Find Participant window.
b. Use the search fields to locate the users, groups, and organizations you want to receive notifications. For more information, see Finding Participants.
c. From the Search Results field, select the subscribers you want and click Add to add them to the Participant List field.
d. Click OK to add participants and close the window, or click Apply to add participants and continue searching for more.
Identifies the username and email address that appears on the From line of all email notifications for this subscription. Select one of the following options:
Subscription Owner—Notifications are sent from the account settings listed in your Windchill user profile.
System—Notifications are sent from an automated Windchill account created by your administrator.
Indicates when notifications are sent for the subscription. Select one of the following options:
Immediately—Notifications are sent at the time the event occurs.
According to Schedule—Notifications are stored in a digest that is delivered daily or weekly at a specific time. This schedule is based on the Digest Notification Schedule preference set by your site administrator.
Subscribers do not receive an email notifying them that they have been included in a subscription.
Subscribers only receive notifications for objects to which they have access. However, if Delete is selected as a subscription event, then all subscribers receive a notification on deletion of an object. For more information, see Understanding Data Accessibility.
Click Next.
4. Under the Define Subject and Expiration step, complete the following fields:
A brief description that appears in the subject line of the email notifications.
Enter up to 200 characters. This description is also displayed in the Subscriptions table.
If you leave this field blank, the system generates a subject line listing the event, object, and object type. A system-generated subject is not displayed in the Subscriptions table.
Additional information to be included the body of the email notification.
Enter up to 4000 characters. This field can be left blank.
Expiration Date
Click the calendar icon to specify a date on which the subscription expires and is automatically deleted.
If this field is left blank, the subscription does not expire and must be explicitly deleted when it is no longer needed.
5. Click Finish to create the subscription.