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Selecting Participants
To search for one or more participants from the Find Participant window, use the following procedure:
1. Select Add Members from the Actions menu or click the add participants icon. The Find Participant window opens.
2. In the Search for menu, select one of the following options and then enter a value in the Search In field:
Search For
Search In
All Participants
Searches for user, group, or organization participants with the specified name:
Participant Name—Enter the full user name, a group name, or an organization name.
Searches for user participants with the specified name:
Full Name—This can include any part of the first and last name of the user.
User Name—Part or all of the username.
Email—The email identification of the user.
Organization Name—Organization in which the user is a member.
Searches group participants with the specified name:
Group Name—Enter the name of the group.
Description—Search against the description defined for the group.
Searches for organization participants with the specified name:
Organization Name—Enter the name of the organization.
Click Search without entering any values in the fields to display all available participants.
The selection criteria fields are not case-sensitive and you can include the asterisk (*) wildcard character to represent one or more characters.
Multiple names can be specified, separating each name with a semi-colon.
3. Click Search. Participants matching your specified criteria appear under Search Results.
Participant search properties can be set to adjust methods for narrowing the search and returning participants with specific characteristics in the search results. For more information, see Searching for Participants in Administrative Clients.
4. Select participants using one of the following methods:
Select participants from the Search Results and click Add to move the participants to the Participant List. Click Remove to remove the participant from the Participant List.
Select participants from the Most Recent Participants field, which displays participants selected in recent searches. Click Add.
Add participants using the Email Invitation field, which is used to add non-Windchill users. Click Add.
The participants are emailed invitations and need to register as a non-Windchill user. For more information, see Registering a non-Windchill User. Participants added using this method have a pending icon displayed in the General Status column in the participant table indicating that they have not yet accepted their email invitation.
Use spaces, commas, or press enter for a new line to delimit between multiple email addresses. A semicolon is not a valid delimiter in this field. Do not include spaces in an email address; otherwise two entries are created on the Participant List when you click Add.
5. Click OK to add the participants included in the Participant List.