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Create a Product Plan
Projects and programs include a plan by default, but you can also manually add a plan to a product context:
Only product managers or administrators can create a plan in a product. Once you have created a plan in the product, you cannot delete it.
This action is only available for users with both Windchill PDMLink and Windchill ProjectLink installed.
Before you can complete the following steps, ensure that the Enable Create Plan for Product preference is set to Yes. If it is not set, the Create Plan action does not appear in the Actions menu.
To set this preference, navigate to the Utilities page under Product, Organization, or Site. Click Preference Management and select Project Planning > Enable Create Plan for Product. For more information, see Preference Management Utility.
If multiple plans are enabled, you can follow the steps outlined in Create a Plan.
1. From the Product > Details page, select Actions > Create Plan.
2. In the New Plan window, select a template from the Template drop-down menu. For more information, see Plan Templates.
3. Select one of the following options under Execution Control:
Manually control plan execution—Plan activities and milestones can be created and edited at any time. Deadlines, duration, and start and finish dates can be changed as needed.
Automatically execute activities and deliver tasks—Activities start based on precedence and date constraints, automatically initiating tasks and notifications.
For more information, see Plans.
4. Select Link deliverables with product activities to create a dependency relationship between activities and associated deliverables. For more information, see Linking Deliverables with Activities.
5. Click OK to create the plan.
The Navigator updates to display the Plan and Resources pages under the product.