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Resources Table
The Resources table is available from the Navigator by selecting Projects > Resources, Programs > Resources, or Products > Resources.
The Resources table that appears on activity information pages under the Related Objects tab provides different information and available actions. For more information, see Activity Information Page.
Resources are only available for products that include a plan. For more information, see Create a Product Plan.
Use this table to create new resources, edit resource attributes, and view information about existing resources. Actions and information available for a resource might vary depending on your individual user access.

Table Views
Similar to the Schedule table, the Resources table has several default views, each of which provides different information about the resource.
You can create custom views from the default views by saving the standard view with a new name and customizing the new view. For more information about changing table views, see Using Tables and Personalizing Tables and Table Views.
Standard Views
The calculated cost of a resource based on the activities with which it is associated. The amount is based on the resource standard rate and cost per use.
Any additional cost per unit time that should be calculated in the overall cost of activities assigned to the resource.
The cost per use is adjusted according to the percentage of the resource time used. For example, if your resource is a piece of equipment, it might have a fee of $60 that is separate from its hourly rate. If you assign that machine as a resource and allocate 50% of its use to that activity, then $30 is added to the activity cost.
Standard Rate
Specifies the cost of the resource over a given period of time. Accepted rate values include:
per minute
per hour
per day
per week
per month
Max Units
The maximum percentage of available time each day that a resource can be used for plan work. If the resource is a person, this specifies the percentage of work hours that person can devote to a project.
Specifies whether the resource is a Windchill User, Windchill Group, Windchill Team Role, or Other (such as a material, facility, tool, or a person outside your organization).
The amount of work that has been assigned to the resource.
If you have created a plan baseline, use the Variance Report view to view the current information compared against information derived from the active baseline. For more information, see Plan Baselines.

Table Actions
The following actions are available from the Resources table toolbar and from the right-click actions menu in table rows.
For information about common actions available throughout Windchill, see Common Actions.
Create a new resource or add an existing Windchill user as an available resource.
Edit the cost, rate, name, and availability of the resource.
Delete the resource.
If the resource is a Windchill user, the user is not removed from the team or deleted from the system. Only the resource object is deleted.
Reassign all resource assignment tasks that belong to the resource to a different resource.
Synchronize Resources
If changes have been to teams or groups, use this action to update resource information.