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Create a Plan
Projects and programs include a plan by default, but you can also add multiple plans. The default plan shares the same name as the project.
If Enable Create Plan for Product preference is set to Yes, you can also use the following method to add plans to a product context.
Once you create a plan, it cannot be deleted.
1. Navigate to the Plans table and click the new plan icon .
2. From the New Plan window, complete the following fields:
If an administrator has created custom plan types, the Type drop-down menu appears.
Select a plan template to use.
For more information, see Plan Templates.
3. Under Attributes, complete the following fields:
Enter a plan name. The name must be unique within the context.
Enter a brief description of the plan.
Plan Start
Click the calendar icon to select a plan start date.
Fixed Cost
Any unique charges associated with the plan that are separate from activity costs.
Select the user responsible for managing the plan execution. If you are a context manager, then you are the default owner. Otherwise, a user is selected from the context manager list.
Plan owners can modify plan attributes.
4. Under Preferences, complete the following fields:
Select one of the following options:
Standard—8-hour workday, Monday through Friday
24 Hours—Work hours are 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
Execution Control
Select the following options:
Manually control project execution—Plan activities and milestones can be created and edited at any time throughout the project. Deadlines, duration, and start and finish dates can be changed as needed.
Automatically execute activities and deliver tasks—Activities start based on precedence and date constraints, automatically initiating tasks and notifications.
Link deliverables with project activities—Indicates that associated activities and deliverables have a dependency relationship.
Once the plan has been created, you cannot change these options.
5. Click OK.
When a project includes multiple plans, the following changes occur:
Resources are shared across all plans.
The context Tasks table includes activities and assignments from all plans.
The Plan link in the Navigator is removed.