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Plan Templates
Plan templates are useful when adding a plan to a product template. Otherwise, this information is set in the project or program context template.

Creating Plan Templates
The actions to create a plan template are available from the right-click menu of the Schedule table and from the Actions menu on the plan information page.
1. Perform one of the following actions:
Export as Template—Export the plan as a template. This creates a ZIP file that you can save to your local machine. You can later upload this to Windchill as a template using the Templates table actions.
Save as Template—Save the plan template and add it to the Templates table. These templates are available from the Plan Templates view at the organization level. You must have administrative access to perform this action.
2. Provide a name and description for the template.
3. Select what to include in the new template:
Plan Activities
Plan activities, milestones, and summary activities.
Any deliverables associated with plan activities.
Resource Assignments
Resource assignments that are included as part of current activity work.
Selecting this option automatically selects Plan Activities and Assigned Resources.
Assigned Resources
Resources who are currently assigned to one or more activities.
Unassigned Resources
Resources that are part of the project but are not currently assigned any activity work.
You can import a Windchill User, Windchill Group, or Windchill Team Role resource type into a system that does not include that user, group, or role. However, in these situations, the resource type is converted to Other. If these resources are participating in a Bulk, Pool, or Shared resource assignment, then the assignment type is converted to Single.
4. Click OK.
If you are performing the Export as Template operation, a window opens allowing you to select where to save the ZIP file.

Creating a Plan Template From a Project or Program Template
To create templates from earlier Windchill versions, you can extract the plan from an exported project or program template.
1. Navigate to Project > Details or Program > Details.
2. Select Actions > Export to File. For more information, see Export a Project.
3. The Export to File action creates a ZIP file. Unzip the exported file and select the TAG-plan-1.xml file.
4. In Windchill, navigate to Organization > Templates.
5. From the view drop-down menu, select Plan Templates.
6. Click the new plan icon on the table toolbar.
7. From the New Plan Template window, complete the following fields:
Template File
Click Browse to navigate to the TAG-plan-1.xml file.
You can also select the ZIP file exported when executing the Download action from the Plan Templates table.
Plan Template Name
Enter a name for the template up to 200 characters long. The name of the template must be unique in the current organization or site.
Enter a text description of the template up to 4000 characters.
Select the Enabled checkbox to allow others to use the template when creating product plans.
If you do not select the checkbox, the template remains private and does not appear in the Template menu in the New Plan window.
You can also control template visibility using the Show and Hide actions available from the Template table. For more information, see Filtering the Visibility of Templates.

Managing Plan Templates
Plan templates are managed from the Templates table under site and organization contexts. For more information, see About the Templates Table.
From the Plan Templates view, you can perform the following actions:
Hide template
Show template
Manage whether a template appears as an option in the Templates field when a user is creating a product plan.
For more information, see Filtering the Visibility of Templates.
New plan template
Create a plan template from the file created using the Download action or by extracting the TAG-plan-1.xml file as described above.
Import from file
Create a plan template from the ZIP file created using the Export as Template action.
Download the template as a ZIP file. You can create a new template from this file using the New plan template and Edit actions.
Delete the template.
Use this action to change the template title and description, enable or disable the template, or upload a new file. If you are replacing the file, it must be one created using the Download action or by extracting the TAG-plan-1.xml file as described above.
Enabling a template means that the template is ready for use. Enabling or disabling a template affects the template in all contexts where it is available; you cannot enable a template in one context and disable it in another.
For more information, see Filtering the Visibility of Templates.