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Import and Export Projects
The import and export functionality is intended to assist in the sharing of information between systems. You can export project information about teams, roles, and objects, including plan information. The exported file is an XML file that contains the metadata and the content files for the object information. For more information on importing and exporting plans between Windchill and Microsoft Project, see Microsoft Project Integration.
If you choose to export only objects, the access control rules associated with the objects are not exported. However, if you select to export all project information, the access control rules are exported because the roles and team information is included in the export. If there are access control conflicts when you import the exported information, the target project (that is, the one into which the information is being imported) determines the access control.
You cannot import an archived project across major Windchill releases. Only project managers can import data.
Some web browsers do not support importing and exporting more than 2 GB of data. Consult your browser help documentation to verify before importing or exporting large files.
There are several different levels of import and export available:
Export to File—Export project information, such as plan objects, team information, and roles to a ZIP file stored on your local hard drive.
Import from File—Import previously exported project information, such as plan objects, team information, and roles.
Export as Template—Export the project information, such as the plan and team, as a template. You can later import this information from Organization > Templates or Site > Templates. This option is only available to administrators.
Export Plan—Export the plan to Microsoft Project.
Import Plan—Import a plan from Microsoft Project.
For information on importing and exporting action items, see Working with Action Items in Microsoft Excel.