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Export to Microsoft Project
You can export a Windchill plan to Microsoft Project. If you are planning to edit the plan and want to make your changes available in Windchill, see Edit in Microsoft Project.
To export the plan, navigate to the Schedule table and select Actions > Export Plan.
If you have the PTC plugin for Microsoft Project installed, the plan automatically opens in Microsoft Project.
If you do not have the PTC plugin installed, you are prompted to save the plan with a .pppx or .ppp file extension. Instead, you must save the plan with an .xml extension. You can then open the XML file in Microsoft Project without needing the plugin.
If the exported plan contains summary activities with overrides, the overrides are lost during the export process. Consequently, if the plan is imported back to Windchill, the overrides will also be lost in the project or program.
If your plan or plan objects include custom string attributes that have multi-line text, these attributes are not supported when exporting the plan to Microsoft Project.