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Microsoft Project Integration
Windchill ProjectLink supports an optional Microsoft Project plugin component to exchange plan information, such as tasks and resources.
Members of a project, product, or program who have the necessary permissions to create and edit plan objects can import and export plans between Microsoft Project and Windchill. This allows you to edit plan information within Microsoft Project and then save it to the Windchill plan.
To import and export plans, your version of Microsoft Project must be compatible with Windchill. For more information, see “Windchill Client Components” in the Windchill 11.0 Software Matrices.
If the Microsoft Project plugin fails to function, check your config.xml file. The LogLocation attribute must be defined with a valid directory name. You must also have create and edit permission within the directory location.
This is necessary to save any errors or warnings generated by the Windchill server.
PTC Microsoft Project Plugin
The PTC Microsoft Project plugin provides the following functionality:
The Save to ProjectLink action appears in the Microsoft Project Add-Ins menu.
You do not have to change file formats when exporting or editing Windchill plans in Microsoft Project.
Use the following procedure to download the Microsoft Project plugin:
1. From Windchill, select Quick Links > Software Downloads.
2. Click Accept on the License Agreement page.
3. Click PTC Plug-in for Microsoft Project and then select Save File.
The installation window opens.
Differences Between Microsoft Project Plans and Windchill Plans
Microsoft Project
Windchill Project
A Microsoft Project “task” is the same as a Windchill activity.
A Microsoft Project “assignment” is the same as a Windchill task.
A Windchill activity is the same as a Microsoft Project “task.”
In Windchill, a task is a work item is assigned to users either automatically or as part of a generated workflow. For more information, see Managing Your Tasks.
Milestone behavior
Milestones can be associated with child milestones or activities.
Milestones cannot be associated with child milestones or activities.
Deliverable objects are not supported in Microsoft Project.
Windchill deliverables are objects that can be associated with activities and milestones. For more information, see Deliverables.
Uses separate calendars associated with the project or program as a whole and with each resource in the project or program
Uses a single system calendar for all schedule and cost calculations across all projects or programs and all resources.
Exposes overtime rates for resources, and calculates total costs at start or finish.
Does not expose overtime rates for resources, and all costs are immediately calculated when entered.
For a detailed list of Microsoft Project features that are not supported in Windchill, see Unsupported Import Features.