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Import a Microsoft Project Plan
Use the following procedure to import a Microsoft Project plan into Windchill.
Windchill supports both MPP and XML files. You can only select XML files that were generated according to the Microsoft Project 2003, 2007, or 2010 XML format.
1. From the Schedule table, select Actions > Import Plan.
The Import Plan window opens.
2. In the Project Plan File field, click Browse to navigate to the file you are importing.
3. Select one of the following import modes:
Sync—Only new or modified plan elements are saved to the plan in Windchill.
Replace—The Microsoft Project plan replaces the entire existing Windchill plan, whether the plan elements are new, edited, or the same.
Selecting Replace also removes objects that are not supported in Microsoft Project. For example, any deliverables included in your plan will be deleted.
4. Click OK.
If you receive error or warning messages, see Unsupported Import Features. You might need to refresh your browser to see the updated plan.
If you are importing a plan created in Microsoft Project, ensure that all activities have their task mode set to Auto Scheduled. Activities with the Manually Scheduled mode will be auto-scheduled when imported back into Windchill ProjectLink, which might create confusion.
Importing Auto-Execution Plans
You can only import automatically executed plans when the Windchill plan is in the Scheduled state.
If you are using an automatically executed plan, avoid importing the plan from Microsoft Project when the plan includes one or more activities that are completed.
To prevent scheduling errors, use one of the following methods:
From Microsoft Project, remove the completed activities
Use a manually executed Windchill plan instead