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Import a Project
The import and export functionality is intended to assist in the sharing of information between systems.
You cannot import an archived project across major Windchill releases. Only project or program managers can import data.
Some web browsers do not support importing and exporting more than 2 GB of data. Consult your browser help documentation to verify before importing or exporting large files.
For more information, see Import and Export Projects.
Use the following procedure to import previously exported information (such as documents, the plan, or the team) into a project or program:
1. Navigate to the project information page and select Actions > Import from File.
2. From the Import window, browse to the file you want to import. You can import ZIP and JAR files.
3. Click OK to import the file into your project at the top-level.
If the project is configured with linked deliverables, you cannot import a project from Microsoft Project if the project has milestones with resource assignments.