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Superseding a Part Through Change Management
The supersede actions are available on the Affected Objects table that is part of the change management process. The following example describes launching the actions when creating a new change notice. Additional information for your consideration is available in Superseding Parts Overview.
1. Navigate to the information page for the part you want to supersede.
2. From the Actions menu, select New > Change Notice.
3. Enter attributes for the change notice and click Next.
4. The automatically generated change task displays in the Implementation Plan table. Click the edit change task icon .
5. The New Change Task window opens. Click Next to proceed to the Select Affected/Resulting Objects step in the window.
6. The part you want to supersede displays in the Affected Objects window. Select the checkbox next to the part and from the Actions list, select Supersede with Existing or Supersede with New. For more information, see Superseding a Part with an Existing Part and Superseding a Part with a New Part.