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Editing a Structure Filter
Structure filters allow you to view structures for product configurations that are relevant to a design project or configuration management task.
To edit a structure filter click the Edit Filter icon found in the toolbar on the Structure tab of a part information page. Define or edit structure filters using one of the following three filter types:
The availability of these tabs are dependent on the type of structure being filtered. Some may not appear.
Filter Tab
Configuration Specification
To create a Latest, As Matured, Baseline, Unit Effectivity, Date Effectivity, Promotion Request, or As Stored filters.
For more information, see About Configuration Specifications.
Spatial Filter
To create a Box, Sphere, or Proximity volumetric filter.
For more information, see About Spatial Filters.
Attribute Filter
To create filters based upon part attributes.
For more information, see About Attribute Filters.
Option Filter
Specify filters based upon pre-approved product options.
This tab is available in the Edit Filter window in the Product Family Matrix Editor only when you have enabled the Configurable Module Support preference under the Options and Variants category.
For more information on this tab, see Specifying the Filtering Criteria for the Option Filter.
Type Filter
To create filters based on the type of documents related to a part. This filter tab appears in Windchill Service Information Manager only.
For more information, see About Part Document Filters.
A Latest configuration specification filter is used by default the first time a part structure is accessed in a browser session. Subsequent structure filters applied to part structure remain in force until they are changed or the browser session is ended.