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Filter Action Set - Parts
Part structures are filtered to show product configurations that are relevant to product history or useful to a specific product development task. For background information about the purpose and use of part structure filters, see About Part Structure Filters.
The following actions are provided in the Filter action set in the Structure tab toolbar on a part information page:
Edit Filter
Click this icon to define a new part structure filter. For more information, see Editing a Structure Filter.
Current Filter
Hover your mouse over the Current Filter icon to see a summary of the structure filters currently applied to the part structure. Click this icon to display the Current Filter window with a full description of applied filters. For more information, see Viewing a Structure’s Current Filter Properties.
Saved Filters
Click this icon to select a saved part structure filter for use in the structure pane.
The following actions are also available in the drop-down menu:
Save – Create a named copy of the existing filter criteria for later use. For more information, see Saving a Structure Filter.
Manage Filters – Select the saved structure filters that are seen in the drop-down menu and shared with others. For more information, see Managing Filters in a Structure.
The Filter action set does not appear in the Structure tab toolbar for a part created in a project.