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About Attribute Filters
Attribute filters use part and usage link attribute information to determine what parts to include or exclude in the display of part structure. Attribute filters can be used in conjunction with other filters to reduce the structure display to only those portions that are important to a specific configuration management or design task.
An attribute filter can have one or many expressions, and an expression can be made up of one or many attribute to value comparisons. It is important to understand how expressions and comparisons combine together to determine what parts will be displayed in the part structure. For more information, see Using Multiple Attribute Filters.
Attribute Structure Filter is persisted using the AttributeStructFilterRule object. This object has the objectTypeIdentifier attribute that is used to store information about object type. The maximum number of characters permitted in this attribute is 200 by default. If you intend to use long names for multiple soft types, it is suggested to increase the size of the attribute. To increase the length of column in database for the objectTypeIdentifier attribute on the AttributeStructFilterRule object, see Customizing Column Lengths.