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Collaboration Information Tables
Object information pages display tables of information related to the selected object. The types of tables that display vary according to the needs of your site and the object type. When you customize or create a new tab, you can select additional tables to view.
The tables available under Customize > Collaboration provide information about any sharing of the object between contexts (such as between products and products), as well as team member interaction with the object.
Depending on the object type, user access, and the software you have installed, certain tables may not be available options. For more information, see Understanding Data Accessibility.
Individual user, context, and site-level preference settings may also affect the table options available to you. For more information, see Preference Management.
Table Name
Discussion topics and comments created for the object.
A discussion is similar to an online forum or message board, allowing team members to record an ongoing exchange of ideas while referencing a context or object.
The current members of the context team or shared team associated with the current context.
This table is available by selecting Team, and is also accessible from the information page of certain change objects.
PDM Checkout Status
Detailed status information for an object that has been checked out to a project from a product or library.
This table includes information about where the object is located in the PDM system, who checked it out, and when it was checked out.
This table is only available in a project context. For more information, see Exchanging Data Between Contexts.
Provides details about objects that have been checked out or shared between a product, library, or project.
For more information, see Adding Objects to a Project.
Resulting PDM Version Status
Version and status details for an object that has been checked-in from a project to a product or library.
For more information, see Exchanging Data Between Contexts.
Displays subscriptions specific to the object, including those held by other users.
Subscriptions allow users, groups, and organizations to receive email notifications when certain events or actions occur on an object, folder, or context.