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Replacing Baseline Objects
A baseline can only hold one version of an object at a time.
To replace a baseline object with another version of that object:
1. Navigate to the baseline information page. Select the Related Objects tab to view the Baseline Objects table.
2. Click the replace member icon next to the object that you want to replace.
3. From the Replace Object window, select the object version that you want to include in your baseline.
4. Click OK.
You can also use actions such as Add to Baseline, Collect Objects, or Paste to replace an object version. The object version currently in the baseline is automatically replaced with the version that you have selected.
Typically, there should be no reason to edit a baseline. The purpose of the baseline is provide static information related to a specific point in time. Ensure that you are not compromising the integrity of the baseline by adding and removing objects. If you want a collection of objects similar to a baseline, but which is more open for modification, consider using a managed collection. For more information, see Managed Collections.