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Baseline Information Page
A baseline is a snapshot of an evolving collection of Windchill objects and their status at specific points in time. The baseline information page is a collection point for information related to the baseline. Click the information icon next to a baseline when it appears in a table to view its information page.
From the information page, you can perform actions on a baseline, as well as view its attributes and any related information. For an overview of information page functionality, see About Information Pages and Customizing Information Page Tabs.
Information pages contain a list of applicable actions in the Actions menu, found on the left side of the page next to the object name.
The baseline information page includes several actions that are frequently available from the Actions menu. For more information on those actions, see Common Actions.
The availability of these actions depends on the object status and your access to it. Not all actions display for every user. Permissions, roles, and teams all affect action display. For more information, see Object Status and Understanding Data Accessibility.
In addition to common object actions, the following actions are available:
Only the baseline creator or an administrator can make changes to the baseline.
Any user with edit permissions can make changes to the baseline.
Make the baseline available for other users to modify.
Compare Information
Compare two baselines. For more information, see Comparing Baselines.
Tabs and Tables
You can customize the tabs that appear on each object information page to display the information most useful to you.
Click the add tab icon to create a new tab. When you create a new tab, the Customize menu appears, allowing you to view any additional information tables that might not appear on the default tabs. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs.
Administrators might have modified the default tabs appear. Additional tabs might appear depending on the solutions deployed at your site.
Displays the attributes associated with the baseline. For a list of attributes commonly available in Windchill, see Object Attributes.
Primary Object
The object that has been identified as the reason why the baseline has been created.
Objects that have been added to this baseline cannot be deleted from the system without first deleting the baseline.
Objects added to the baseline can be deleted at any time. A warning message appears when a user attempts to delete an object that has been added to an unprotected baseline.
Locked By
The user who locked the baseline.
Once a baseline has been locked, no one can change it except for the user who locked it or an administrator.
Related Objects
Displays information about objects directly associated with the baseline:
Objects that are included in the baseline.
Contexts that are related to the baseline or baseline objects. When you add a context reference, the baseline is searchable from the Network table of the related context.
Displays the Maturity History table. This table provides information on life cycle changes the baseline has undergone.
For more information, click the help icon available in each table.