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Removing an Attachment
Removing an attachment not only removes the association between the primary object and the attached file, it also deletes the attachment from Windchill.
When you remove an attachment, you must check out the object to which the content is attached.
You can remove an attachment using the Attachments table located under the Set Attachments step when you edit an object. You can also navigate to the Attachments table on an object information page and click the edit attachments icon on the table toolbar.
Your ability to remove an attachment depends on the status of the primary object, as well as your access to it. Not all actions display for every user. Permissions, roles, and teams all affect action availability. For more information, see Object Status and Accessing Data.
1. Select the checkboxes next to the attachments you want to remove.
2. Click the remove icon on the table toolbar.
3. Click Check In to apply your changes.
Click Save to apply your changes and keep the object checked out to you.
The visibility of Save depends on the Save Button Display on Edit Window preference setting. This preference can be found under the Create and Edit preference category. For more information, see Preference Management.