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Versions and History
Versions and history functionality in Vuforia Editor automatically captures an immutable record of the state of a procedure every time a change or edit is completed. All changes are tracked and displayed in the Versions and History table which represents the chronological history of the procedure from the time it is created. All entries in the VERSIONS AND HISTORY table (changes, versions, and releases) can be viewed and restored, but cannot be altered or deleted. Version and history functionality in Vuforia Editor provides you with absolute confidence that work will never be lost, and ensures complete transparency into who did what and when throughout the entire lifecycle of a procedure.
A version can be created to mark a key progress or collaboration milestone of the procedure. A description can be added to provide a contextual record of change, state, or requirements.
For example, if you created a procedure and are ready to have it reviewed, you might create a version to capture the state of the procedure at that moment in time, and you might use the Description field to provide context around the significance of that version. Once you receive feedback from the reviewer and incorporate changes, you might want to create another version to mark the milestone of finishing the work based on that feedback. Creating these different versions can help to clearly define key authoring milestones in the Versions and History table and enables you to document additional context around the state of the procedure at that particular point in time.
For more information on common version terminology in Vuforia Instruct and Vuforia Expert Capture, see Terminology.
Why Version Control is Important
As processes and knowledge constantly evolve across your company, it’s important that you maintain the quality and compliance of work instructions as they also change. Version control can help do that in the following ways:
Track, manage, and access all changes including: who made the change, when it happened, and what was done
Improve collaboration among authors while ensuring that only the most up-to-date version of a procedure is available to operators
Scale your deployment of Vuforia Instruct and Vuforia Expert Capture across production environments by ensuring that quality and compliance requirements are met