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Vuforia Capture (Vuforia Expert Capture only)
Vuforia Capture is included as part of Vuforia Expert Capture, and is only available if your company has purchased Vuforia Expert Capture.
What is Vuforia Capture?
Vuforia Capture is an application designed to enable intuitive and effective recording of step-by-step work procedures using a hands-free eyewear device. Once you’ve captured your procedure, you can upload the Capture file into Vuforia Editor.
For information about capturing a procedure, see the following topics:
Capture a Procedure with a HoloLens 2 or Trimble XR10 Device
Capture a Procedure with a RealWear Device
Best Practices
Supported Devices and Operating Systems
Supported OS Version
Navigator 500
Android 8 or 10
Microsoft HoloLens
HoloLens 2
Trimble XR10
Windows Holographic 10.0.17763 or greater
Magic Leap 1
Lumin 0.98.30 or greater
Download Vuforia Capture
Make sure that you’re using the most recent version of Vuforia Capture as a new version is released every 28 days.
Distribution of Vuforia Capture is typically managed by an administrator or device management team. To access Vuforia Capture, contact the appropriate resource. If you are the administrator or have been given access by your administrator to install Vuforia Capture on your supported eyewear device, use the following links below to access instructions for downloading Vuforia Capture on your company’s eyewear devices:
Vuforia Capture for RealWear
Vuforia Capture for Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Trimble XR10 Devices
Vuforia Capture for Magic Leap