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ThingWorx Foundation Installer
The latest ThingWorx Foundation installer files for on-premise installations are posted at under Download Software > Order or Download Software Updates > ThingWorx Foundation > Release 9.x > ThingWorx PostgreSQL and ThingWorx Mssql.
This installer will do the following:
Upgrade ThingWorx Foundation if an existing installer-run installation is found
Install ThingWorx Foundation
Install Tomcat
Help you configure your ThingWorx Foundation license
The ThingWorx Foundation installer is supported on the following operating systems with these database combinations:
Windows with PostgreSQL
Windows with Azure PostgreSQL Flexible server
Windows with Microsoft SQL server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Azure PostgreSQL Flexible server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux with PostgreSQL
Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Microsoft SQL server
For version information, see System Requirements.
The ThingWorx Foundation installer does not support Enabling or Disabling Content Security Policy (CSP) functionality. Although the installer can still be used to perform the update, manual steps must be done to complete the update. CSP will default to disabled until enabled in platform-settings.json.
Hardware Sizing
The following are the minimum requirements; actual sizing depends on the application and your usage scenarios.
16 GB RAM (Minimum)
Dedicated memory must be allocated to the Java VM.
Virtualized environments may have their own terminology for specifying how many CPUs and cores are being provided. This must be considered when determining if the environment meets the minimum requirements.
Disk Space
100 GB available disk space
This size can accommodate the default application and some initial configuration data.
This does not include the space required for the OS or other prerequisite software.
The total disk space required for any given application depends on the amount of configuration and runtime data that will be maintained. Customers should work with Sales and Field Enablement to estimate space needs according to their application requirements.
Disk Speed
10K RPM or faster
Speed is important if you are storing data on the ThingWorx Platform.
Running the Installer
Depending on your operating system, see the following:
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