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Concurrency model
In the Concurrency Model each processor is represented by a subset of the object architecture. These objects are allocated to tasks, using a Concurrency Diagram.
For information about Concurrency Modeling in Modeler, see Concurrency modeling overview.
You can view the Concurrency Model part of a model through the Concurrency Model folder in the Relationships pane.
The following sections provide information about the item and diagram types that are used in the Concurrency Model. For more information about a diagram or item, click it.
Uses these diagrams
Concurrency Diagram
Defines or uses these dictionary items
Attribute (of instance symbol)
Class (instance symbol of)
Data Type (instance symbol of)
Event (instance of)
Event Flag
Interface (instance symbol of)
Interface Device
Operation (instance of)
Parameter (of Event or Operation instance)
Signal (instance symbol of)
Use Case
Note that this icon Indicates that the item can appear on Concurrency Diagrams.