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Overview of the Component Sharing Wizard command line interface (Component Sharing Wizard)
The Component Sharing Wizard has a command line interface that allows you to perform Component Sharing Wizard import and export operations through a Command Prompt window or through a batch file. This is useful should you want to, for example, schedule a batch file to import or export components over night.
The command line interface uses a configuration file to define the Component Sharing Wizard settings to use. There are two ways of defining the configuration file:
On the final page of the Component Sharing Wizard, you can click the Save button and then click Configuration File.
This is useful should you want to repeat the Component Sharing Wizard import or export operation at a later date using the same settings, for example, to import or export updated components.
Through the Component Sharing Configuration Manager. Configuration Manager allows you to create new configuration files and change existing configuration files.
To start Configuration Manager:
From Modeler, on the Tools menu, point to Component Wizard, and then click Configuration Manager.
From Window Start menu, point to All Programs, click PTC Integrity Modeler, click Add-ins, and then click Component Wizard Configuration Manager.
From Windows Explorer, double-click a configuration file (CWC file).
The syntax for the command line is as follows:
CompShare.exe –CL <path and name of configuration file>
Note that the CompShare.exe file resides in the Modeler Exe folder and –CL is case sensitive.
When run through the command line interface, the Command Line Status Window is opened if errors occur during the import or export. If the configuration file specifies that a log file is generated, that log file is generated to your Windows temp folder.
Component Sharing Configuration Manager
The Component Sharing Configuration Manager allows you to create and change Component Sharing Wizard configuration files. In addition, after opening a configuration file in the Component Sharing Configuration Manager, you can perform the import or export operation that is defined in the configuration file by clicking the Run button. Note that if you make changes to the configuration file, the Run button is disabled until you save those changes.
For information about an option on a Component Sharing Configuration Manager tab, click the Help button.
Note that in Windows Explorer you can double-click a Component Sharing Wizard configuration file (CWC file) to start the Component Sharing Configuration Manager with that configuration file loaded