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Overview of rich text features
Some parts of Modeler support rich text, including the following areas:
Text Diagrams.
Notes on diagrams.
Event Action Blocks.
Sequence Diagram Steps.
Selected Properties, such as the Body property of an Operation.
Text tab Properties, such as the Description property.
Rich text provides these features:
Formatting of Text
Standard text formatting such as font, color, alignment and bullets.
Model object References
A model object reference is a textual reference to a dictionary item or diagram. You can right-click model object references, and then perform standard operations on the referenced object, such as viewing its properties. You can double-click model object references to navigate to the object. If a referenced object is deleted from the model, model object references to that object become normal text formatted with strikethrough. Usage reports recognize references made through model object references.
Example of a model object reference using the default font.
Example of a model object reference to an object that has been deleted.
Shortcuts to External Files
You can add Windows shortcuts to rich text, so that external files can be opened from within Modeler.
Note that you cannot drag a Windows shortcut to rich text displayed in the Property Pages, but you can drag a Windows shortcut to that rich text when it is opened in a text window.
Support for OLE Objects
The rich text in diagram Notes, Text Diagrams, RTF properties and rich text Tag Definitions can act as a container to OLE objects, so that you can view and open OLE objects from within Modeler. You can embed files up to a total size of 1 gigabyte; however, storing large files in the model results in a larger model and a degradation in performance. Note that an embedded object may be double the size of that data file on disk, due to the data being converted to a format compatible with the rich text.
Rich text Templates
A rich text template includes text and placeholders. When you insert a rich text template into rich text, you add the text and placeholders of that rich text template to your rich text. Placeholders provide a mechanism for prompting the user to insert a model object reference to an object of a specific type. Inserted placeholders appear as chevrons. You can create and customize rich text templates through the Template Editor.
HTML Links
Within the Relationships browser, HTML Links can be dragged and dropped onto diagrams, items and properties that support rich text. When the HTML Link is double-clicked, the URL is opened.