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Creating an item in the dictionary
Most items can be directly scoped to a Package or the Model. For example, Actors and Use Cases.
Some items have to be child items of another item type. For example, A Column must be a child item of a Table. You must create child items through the parent item.
Some link items are a child of two parent items. For example, an Association is a child of the two items it links. These link items must be created through diagrams.
Each dictionary item reference topic provides information about creating items of that type. From the Help contents, see the 'Reference (including model parts, diagrams, dictionary items and properties) > Dictionary items' section.
To create an item scoped to a Package:
Right-click the Package, point to New.
To create an item directly scoped to the Model:
In the Packages or Relationships pane, right-click the Model, point to New, point to the required submenus and then click the command for the required item type.
To create a child item:
Right-click the parent item, point to New , and then click the required item type.