Working With Model Items and Diagrams > Working with model items > Working with rich text > Support for OLE objects > Adding OLE objects to rich text
Adding OLE objects to rich text
1. If you working with rich text on a diagram, click the text twice so that you can change it.
2. Right-click the position in which you want to add an OLE object.
3. On the shortcut menu, click Insert OLE Object.
4. Select the required options and OLE object, and then click OK.
You can add OLE objects only to notes, Text Diagrams, RTF properties and rich text tag definitions.
You can embed OLE objects up to a size of 1 gigabyte; however, storing large files in the model results in a larger model and a degradation in performance.
To minimize the effect on the database, link OLE objects rather than embedding them.
You cannot drag a file to rich text displayed in the Property Pages, but you can drag a file to that rich text when it is opened in a text window.