Working With Model Items and Diagrams > Working with model items > Working with rich text > Working with rich text templates > Creating a rich text template
Creating a rich text template
1. On the Tools menu, click Template Editor.
2. In the list, select <New Custom Template>.
3. In the Template box, type and format any text you want to appear.
4. For each placeholder you want to appear:
a. Place the insertion point as required.
b. In the Related Items list, select the item types for which you want the placeholder to prompt.
c. If you want to provide ToolTip style help for the placeholder, type the required text in the Help Text box.
d. Click Insert Placeholder.
If you do not require any help text, you can drag the placeholder from the Placeholder list to the Template box.
5. Click Save, type the name for the rich text template, and then click OK.
The folder to which the rich text template file is stored is specified in the Tool Options dialog.