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Components of Modeler
The main components of Modeler are as follows:
The Modeler application – manages and maintains the models you are developing.
Modeler Database – contains the models you develop.
Model Explorer – allows Modeler to connect to local and remote databases and manage models in those databases.
In addition to the main components, Modeler includes these optional add-ins:
Component Sharing Wizard – imports and exports packages.
Connector for IBM Rational Rose – populates a Modeler model with diagrams defined in an IBM Rational Rose model.
Integration for IBM Rational DOORS – integrates Modeler with IBM Rational's DOORS.
Integration for MATLAB Simulink – integrates a Modeler with the mathematical modeling tool, MATLAB Simulink.
Publisher – generates customizable Microsoft Word documents, HTML output and XML output from data stored in a database.
SysML Profile – sets up a model for modeling SysML.
UML Standard Profile – makes the Package Diagram and the UML Standard Stereotypes available in the model.
XMI Import/Export – exports and imports model data in XMI files.
The following applications and add-ins are available with additional licenses:
ACS – allows automatic code synchronization of Ada, ARINC 653 for PikeOS, ARINC 653 for VxWorks, C, C++, C#, IDL, Java, SQL and VB code.
Ada Code Reverser – reverse engineers legacy Ada code to a model.
C Code Reverser – reverse engineers legacy C code to a model.
C# Code Reverser – reverse engineers legacy C# code to a model.
C++ Code Reverser – reverse engineers legacy C++ code to a model.
IDL Code Reverser – reverse engineers legacy IDL code to a model.
Integration for PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager – integrates Modeler with PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager.
Integration for PTC ThingWorx – integrates Modeler with PTC ThingWorx.
Integration for PTC Windchill – integrates Modeler with PTC Windchill.
Java Code Reverser – reverse engineers Java code to a model.
Object Animator – animates object interaction defined in a Sequence Diagram.
Reviewer – allows you to review models for completeness, correctness and consistency.
Storage Mapper – creates in the model, tables and relationships from classes.
SySim – allows you to test, verify and simulate a SysML model.
TDK – allows you to generate code generation schemes for ACS.
UPDM Profiles – sets up a model for modeling UPDM.
Web Interface – allows you to view models through your internet explorer.