On the Calendars tab, you can view all the calendars in the system. For each calendar, the table displays the name of the calendar, the number of days in the calendar, the start date of the calendar, and the site to which the calendar belongs. From this page, you can create, edit, and view the details of a calendar. You can also assign a calendar to equipment.
You can access this tab by clicking Calendars from the Shifts and Calendars page.
The Calendars tab.
When you initially load this page, the calendars list is sorted by Name in ascending order. You can sort the list of calendars on the Name, Start Date, and Site columns. Moving between pages does not impact the sorted list.
Depending on the action that you want to perform, you can click a row to select a calendar. Click the selected row again to clear the selection.
To narrow down the list to specific calendars, enter one or more characters from the calendar’s name in the Filter field.
Depending on your screen resolution, some of the toolbar buttons may be available in the overflow menu. To open the overflow menu, click Overflow menu icon..
The total number of calendars display at the bottom of the table. To move between results on different pages, click Left navigation arrow. or Right navigation arrow., or click a page number to go to that page.
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