DPM Overview
DPM Overview
Digital Performance Management (DPM) is a closed-loop, problem solving solution that helps manufacturers identify, prioritize, and solve their biggest loss challenges, resulting in reduced cost, increased revenue, and improved service levels.
Diagram showing Performance Analysis, Action Tracker, and Scorecard as a closed loop around the Production Dashboard.
Production Dashboard—Through the Production Dashboard, granular production data is collected from operators on the shop floor and automated equipment, to inform the analysis and improvement tools.
Performance Analysis—Using the granular data gathered in the Production Dashboard, Performance Analysis identifies production bottlenecks and the top reasons for production loss, helping users to understand the relative impacts of different loss categories using a time-loss waterfall chart and detailed loss reason Pareto charts.
Action Tracker—After the high priority losses have been identified in Performance Analysis, actions linked to those loss reasons can be created in Action Tracker to track continuous improvement initiatives and see results using real production data from the Production Dashboard.
ScorecardScorecard provides a standardized and quick way to report performance using Production Dashboard data by providing a summary of business metrics which can be viewed and drilled into at any level from the entire enterprise down to the individual work center.
Using time as a standard business metric, DPM helps customers understand their top losses in order to monitor and manage performance across work centers, factories, up to the entire enterprise.
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