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Configuring Bottleneck Analysis with TAKT Only
If you know the TAKT for your work centers, but not the demand for individual materials, you can configure bottleneck analysis for a demand window using manually entered TAKT values. In this configuration scenario, DPM calculates the bottleneck impact for each work center based on the TAKT value that you provide for the work center and the percentage of demand that is allocated to the work center from materials.
To configure a demand window that calculates bottleneck impact using only the TAKT value for a work center, complete the following steps:
1. In Site Demand, select a site and create a demand window. For the Demand Setting, select Set on Materials.
2. In Equipment List, navigate to a work center that is in the same site for which the demand window was created.
3. On the Demand Settings tab, edit the TAKT value for the demand window.
4. On each material that is produced during the demand window, on the Demand Allocation tab, allocate the percentage of the material that each work center is expected to produce during the demand window. A work center must have demand allocated from at least one material in order for its bottleneck impact to be calculated.
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 on each work center for which you want bottleneck impact to be calculated for this demand window.
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