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About Properties
You must assign properties to your model and to its idealizations to provide Creo Simulate with the information it needs to analyze your model. Creo Simulate provides the following property types:
Material Assignment
Material Orientations
Shell Properties
Beam Sections
Beam Orientations
Beam Releases
Spring Properties
Mass Properties
For most properties, you must perform two main activities—creating the property and assigning the property:
Property Creation — You can create properties using appropriate dialog boxes for each property type. You can also create properties associated with idealizations as you create the idealization.
Property Assignment — You can assign most properties that are associated with idealizations while creating the idealization. For example, you can assign spring properties as you create a spring idealization. You can use Home > Material Assignment to assign materials to components and volume regions. The material assigned through a Material Assignment takes precedence over the material assigned to parts in the standard Creo Parametric application.
To learn more about the properties required by idealizations, see Properties on Idealizations and Geometry. For information on factors you should consider when using properties, see Considerations for Using Properties.