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About Beam Orientations
Beam orientation specifies the orientation of the BSCS relative to the BACS. Click Refine Model. Click the arrow next to Beam. Click Beam Orientations to open the Beam Orientations dialog box to define beam orientations.
Use this dialog box to create, edit, select, or delete beam orientations. When you create beam orientation definitions Creo Simulate saves the definition with your model file. You can associate the beam orientation definitions with beams as you create the beam or later.
The Beam Orientations dialog box displays a list of the beam orientations you defined previously. When you highlight an orientation name, any description you included with the definition appears. This dialog box includes the following buttons:
New — Opens the Beam Orientation Definition dialog box to allow you to define a new orientation.
Edit — Opens the Beam Orientation Definition dialog box to allow you to modify the selected orientation.
Copy — Adds a copy of the orientation to the list. Creo Simulate names the copy BeamOrientx, where x is a number calculated as one plus the number of beam orientations in the list. To change the name, use Edit.
Delete — Removes the selected orientation from the list.
For information on how the software defines beam orientation, see Beam Coordinate Systems.