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About Beam Sections
Use Beam Sections to define the shape and size of the cross sections when you create beams. You can also define a beam section and save it in a library file, called mbmsct.lib, for future use.
There are three categories of beam section types that you can use:
Sketched—Create your own cross section using the sketch thin or sketch solid beam type.
Standard—Use the standard cross sections, such as square, rectangle, I-beam, and so on.
General—Use the general type to design a cross section. General beam sections are displayed as rectangles where the length, width and orientation angle of the rectangular beam section is calculated from the moments of inertia.
Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to Beam. Click Beam Sections to open the Beam Sections dialog box. You can also access this dialog box by clicking the More button in the Section area of the Beam Definition dialog box. Use the items on this dialog box to create, edit, copy, or delete beam sections.
You can create several types of beam sections from these three categories. Standard beam sections reflect a particular predefined beam shape. You use the sketcher to define the shapes for sketched beam sections. General types reflect a rectangular beam shape. When you create a beam, Creo Simulate represents each of the standard beam section types with a unique icon that represents their shape and size. Icons for sketched sections reproduce the sketch, and General section icons are not associated with any shape.