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To Define Beam Orientation
1. Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to Beam. Click Beam Orientations. The Beam Orientations dialog box opens with a list of previously defined orientations.
* You can also access this dialog box from the Beam Definition dialog box by clicking the More button in the Orientation area.
2. Click the New button. The Beam Orientation Definition dialog box appears.
3. Enter a descriptive name for the beam orientation, or accept the default name.
4. Optionally, enter a description.
5. Enter the orientation angle. Select units as radian or degree.
6. Select Shape Origin or Shear Center as the attribute that you want to offset with respect to the BACS.
7. Enter values for DY and DZ. In the FEM mode, you can also enter a value for DX. Select units of length for the offset or retain the default units.
8. Click OK to save the definition and return to the Beam Orientations dialog box. The beam orientation definition appears in the list.