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Beam Coordinate Systems
When you create a beam in Creo Simulate, one of the properties you can specify is beam orientation. The beam orientation affects how your beam relates to the axis where the software applies loads, and how the software calculates results. To understand how to specify beam orientation, you must first understand the three different beam coordinate systems that Creo Simulate uses:
Beam Shape Coordinate System(BSCS)—The software draws the beam sections with respect to the beam shape coordinate system.
Beam Action Coordinate System (BACS)—The software applies loads to beams at locations defined with respect to the beam action coordinate system.
Beam Centroidal Principal Coordinate System (BCPCS)—The software defines the BCPCS based on the beam section, and reports most of the results in this coordinate system.
When you create your beam, you use the Y Direction option on the Beam Definition dialog box to specify how the BACS relates to the WCS. You can then offset the BSCS from the BACS by using the options on the Beam Orientation Definition dialog box.
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