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Simulation Modeling Techniques and Prerequisites
When preparing a part for modeling and analysis, you create Creo Simulate modeling entities such as materials, constraints, loads, and measures. Before you can create certain types of modeling entities, you need to add specific features to your part. You may also need to add datum geometry to your part for the following reasons:
to create an origin for certain constraints and loads
to simulate conditions applied to surface regions
You may need to take special steps to prepare your model for 2D analysis, such as adding a Cartesian coordinate system, or to prepare a symmetric model, such as defining cuts along the axes of symmetry.
As a step in your part planning process, decide which types of modeling entities you want to add to your model. After you have your plan in mind, determine the requirements for each of the entities you will define. Here are some of the techniques and prerequisites you may want to consider:
determining the system of units of your model
adding coordinate systems
adding datum features
defining surface and volume regions
defining Creo Parametric parameters
using symmetry
preparing a 2D model
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