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About Units
When designing a model in Creo Parametric, you can select a system of units from among the standard systems of units provided or you can create and select your own system of units. The system of units that you select is called the principal system of units for that model. If you do not select a system of units, the Creo Parametric default system of inch pound-mass second is the principal system of units. You can change the default principal system of units using the PRO_UNIT_SYSconfiguration option.
By default Creo Simulate uses the principal system of units for all simulation entities. As you build your model in Creo Simulate, you can assign units for different simulation entities. Creo Simulate also allows you to specify units for result quantities for an analysis.
To learn more about units refer to the following references:
Guidelines for Specifying Units—See Guidelines for Specifying Units
Predefined systems of units or custom systems of units—See Units Manager Dialog Box.
Units for Simulation Entities—See Specifying Units for Simulation Entities
Units in Results—See Units for Results Windows
Unit conversion tables and other units tables—See Unit Conversion Tables. The Creo Parametric default, inch pound-mass second (inch lbm second), is not a standard system of units, and thus is not described in the tables.
Setting a default system of units—See the discussion of pro_unit_sys in configuration option.
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