Creo Simulate > Creating Analyses > Structural Analysis > Static and Prestress Static Analyses > To Create a Prestress Static Analysis
To Create a Prestress Static Analysis
You must run a static analysis before you use this procedure. Creo Simulate uses the results from the static analysis to calculate the prestress static analysis.
1. Click Home > Analyses and Studies. The Analyses and Design Studies dialog box opens.
2. Select File > New Prestress > Static in the dialog box. The Prestress Static Analysis Definition dialog box opens.
3. Enter a name for the analysis. A description is optional.
4. Select a constraint set. To select more than one constraint sets, click the Combine Constraint Sets check box.
5. Select one or more load sets. If you select more than one load set, click the Sum Load Sets check box to merge the loads of all selected load sets.
If your constraint set includes an enforced displacement constraint, you do not need to select a load set.
6. Click the following tabs on the dialog box to select additional options for the prestress static analysis:
Previous Analysis
Excluded Elements
7. Click OK when you complete the dialog box.
The Analyses and Design Studies dialog box reappears displaying the name and type of the new analysis.