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Static Analysis
In a static analysis Creo Simulate calculates deformations, stresses, and strains on your model in response to specified loads and subject to specified constraints.
For a description of and requirements of a static analysis, see Static Analysis Overview.
The following items appear on the Static Analysis Definition dialog box:
Nonlinear / use load histories—Select Nonlinear / use load histories to set up nonlinear static analyses with individual load histories for each load set. When you select this check box the Nonlinear options area appears on the Static Analysis Definition dialog box. You can create time dependence functions to provide a multiplicative factor for each of the load and constraint sets in your model.
Constraints—Allows you to select one or more constraint sets.
Loads—Allows you to select one or more load sets. You need at least one load set or a constraint set with an enforced displacement.
Inertia Relief—Allows you to run an analysis without specifying any constraints. This option is available only for a linear static analysis.
The following tabs appear on the Static Analysis Definition dialog box:
Excluded Elements
For models with temperature-dependent material properties you must specify the model temperature by defining structural temperature loads or MEC/T loads wherever temperature-dependent materials are assigned. Include the load sets that contain these temperature loads in the analysis.