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Excluded Elements Options for Structural Analyses
These items appear on the Excluded Elements tab on the analysis dialog box for static, prestress static, modal, prestress modal, large deformation static, contact, or buckling analyses:
Exclude Elements — Select this option to exclude from convergence and measure calculations. These elements are those, that are already selected through IEAC mesh controls. Each analysis can have a different set of excluded elements using different IEAC mesh controls.
* All the IEAC mesh controls in a model are available for analysis by default. Before running any analysis, ensure that you select the Exclude option on the corresponding IEAC mesh control.
Ignore for normalizing stress errors—This option is available only for Single-Pass Adaptive convergence. You can direct Creo Simulate to ignore stresses related to excluded elements when normalizing errors during a single pass analysis. It improves the overall accuracy of the analysis at the cost of longer analysis times.
Ignore—You can direct Creo Simulate to ignore certain stresses or displacements when calculating measure results or MPA convergence criteria in excluded elements.
Limit — Select Polynomial Order under Limit to direct Creo Simulate to stop calculations in excluded elements at a lower p-order than for the rest of the model.