Creo Simulate > Creating Analyses > Structural Analysis > Static and Prestress Static Analyses > Convergence Options > To Set Convergence for a Structural Analysis
To Set Convergence for a Structural Analysis
This procedure assumes you are in the dialog box for creating one of these analysis types: static, prestress static, modal, prestress modal, buckling, contact, or large deformation static.
1. Click the Convergence tab on the analysis dialog box.
2. Select the convergence method for your analysis—Multi-Pass Adaptive, Single-Pass Adaptive, or Quick Check.
3. If you select Single-Pass Adaptive convergence while creating a contact analysis, you can select Localized Mesh Refinement. For large deformation static analysis, you can select the Include Snap-through option to study the load displacement curve for snap-through or post buckling behavior in a structure.
* If you selected Multi-Pass Adaptive, continue with the following steps.
4. Enter a minimum and maximum polynomial order.
5. Enter a convergence percentage.
6. Select the quantities you want Creo Simulate to use to calculate convergence.
For a description of the convergence quantities, see:
quantities for static, prestress static, contact, and large deformation analyses
quantities for modal and prestress modal analyses
quantities for buckling analysis