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About Analyses
Use Creo Simulate Analyses and Studies to create and manage analyses. For FEM mode analyses, see About FEM Analysis and About Running FEM Analyses and Generating Output Decks.
In an analysis:
You specify some combination of constraints and loads for your model that are used to calculate the model's response.
You enter information that determines how Creo Simulate calculates and reports results for the analysis when you include the analysis in a design study and run the study.
You can create many types of analyses in both Structure and Thermal mode.
For general information on creating an analysis, see Creating Analyses and Design Studies.
Also, see the following:
Structural Analysis—Includes static, prestress static, large deformation static, contact, modal, prestress modal, buckling, and fatigue analyses.
Thermal Analysis—Includes steady thermal and transient thermal analyses.
Vibration Analysis—Includes dynamic time, dynamic frequency, dynamic random, and dynamic shock analyses.
All analyses are displayed on the Model Tree.