Creo Simulate > Creating Analyses > Structural Analysis > Modal and Prestress Modal Analyses > To Create a Prestress Modal Analysis
To Create a Prestress Modal Analysis
You must run a static analysis before you use this procedure. Results from the modal analysis are used to calculate the prestress modal analysis.
1. Click Home > Analyses and Studies. The Analyses and Design Studies dialog box opens.
2. Click File > New Prestress > Modal. The Pre-Stress Modal Analysis Definition dialog box opens.
3. Type a name for the analysis. A description is optional.
4. Select Constrained and choose a constraint, or select Unconstrained.
5. If you want to include a rigid mode search, select the check box.
6. Select additional options for the modal analysis on the following tabs:
Previous Analysis
Excluded Elements
7. Click OK when you complete the dialog box.
The dialog box reappears displaying the name, type, and description of the new analysis.