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Constrained, With Rigid Mode Search
Use following items if you want to include a constraint in the analysis:
Constrained—Select this item to include a constraint in the analysis. You can select more than one constraint set from the Constraints list, if you click the Combine Constraint Sets check box. Creo Simulate combines the selected constraint sets into a new single set during the analysis.
With Rigid Mode Search—Use this option if you want Creo Simulate to look for and report rigid body modes when it runs a design study containing modal analysis.
You should select this item if your model is not fully constrained or if you are not sure. Otherwise, you will get a fatal error when you try to run a design study containing this analysis.
If your model is fully constrained, selecting With Rigid Mode Search does not cause any problems, but does add to the run time.
* If you select Unconstrained, Creo Simulate automatically selects With Rigid Mode Search for most models. For details, see Unconstrained.