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About FEM Analysis
After you define a FEM mode model, you can define an analysis that Creo Simulate runs using the FEA solver you select. In defining an analysis, you specify which type of analysis you want and indicate the loads, constraints, materials, idealizations, etc. you want considered.
Defining a FEM analysis is an optional step. If you plan to run the FEA solver from within Creo Simulate, you need to define an analysis. However, in some cases, you may be primarily interested in generating a mesh to use with an offline solver instead. For this application, you do not need to define an analysis.
The point in your design process at which you define an analysis depends on whether you are working with transient or retained meshes. If you work with transient meshes, you define a FEM analysis immediately after you define your modeling entities, and before you mesh the model. Those who work with retained meshes can define a FEM analysis anytime before starting a run, although you typically want to define loads and constraints first.
To define a FEM analysis, click Home > Analyses. The dialog box you use to define FEM analyses changes depending on whether you are specifying a structural or thermal analysis or a modal analysis.
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